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Is anyone here a fan of steampunk and/or independent film?

There is a project on IndieGoGo, "Aether Dancer," fundraising for a steampunk webseries. This is an open source project, as I've described in a post on my blog, which means that folks are welcome to create characters and write or film things that will become part of the overall setting. The teaser trailer gives a glimpse of a world that's rebuilding civilization after a catastrophic meteor shower. I'm particularly intrigued by the clockwork constructs, one of whom is a crewmember on the airship Aether Dancer. If you have a little extra spending money, consider chipping in toward entertainment that's off the beaten path.

Are you tired of movies, TV shows, books, etc. where there are no asexual characters, or they're done wrong, or they're only there to die horribly or Discover That Sex Is Really Great? It's even worse with science fiction, which shows us different glimpses of the future, but often a future where many kinds of people aren't represented at all. So fix it. Create an asexual character in the Aether Dancer setting. In addition to humans, there are the clockwork people, who could quite plausibly be asexual. Then write a script or a story or a poem or whatever you do best. Shoot a scene, if you're into independent film. Even just dress up as your steampunk character -- it would be nice to see some characters who don't dress like centerfolds -- and take still pictures to share. Make a difference.
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