Jul. 30th, 2012

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[personal profile] kajones_writing has internet connection again and is posting a bunch of new stories. Fans are encouraged to give prompts when there's a prompt call, and request continuations of favorite stories. Some things are written and shared backchannel, like if you adopt a character and get extra stories about them, and those can be sponsored for release to the public.

Jack is an asexual vampire in the Donor House series. I asked for one because for these vampires, there's a sexual component to feeding, and I figured this would make for really interesting dynamics. It has. The first story about him is "Jack - An Asexual Vampire," already posted. There's a second part that hasn't been posted yet and is available for sponsorship. The new story is "Jack - Searching for Someone." Jack watches the sexual people kissing and wishes that he could find someone compatible with his own preferences. He's has a lot of disappointments but he keeps looking. I want to see how this develops, because he's in a high-traffic place with a good chance of finding the right person sooner or later. There's an echo post on the author's personal website where you can click a button to request a continuation of the story.

If you want to see more stories about asexual characters, this is a terrific project. [personal profile] kajones_writing has over a dozen series, mostly fantasy but some science fiction and horror. There are lots of opportunities to interact including prompt calls and character adoption. You can even name and describe new characters, if you take part in the credit system which is one of the perks for participation.



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