May. 13th, 2012

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 So as some will know it's World Pride in London this year and there's going to be an asexual group again this year. It's mostly AVEN but not entirely, I'm mostly a tumblr person for example. 

One of the the things we're doing is placards with slogans on them which will be translated. We're thinking two slogans and there's an AVEN post on that here, and that those slogans should be translated into other languages the post on which is here.

One of the problems is that though we have people willing to translate for EU and European in general languages, we don't have anybody who can translate into Arabic or Punjabi or so on. We'd also like someone who speaks one of the other languages native to the British Isles, so far it looks like it'll be Welsh, but nobody has stepped up who can.

So I thought I'd ask here (and I'm gonna head over to LiveJournal too) in case any of you can. Or if you have friends/family who'd be willing.

Thanks for any help, even if you aren't coming, and any who want to come are welcome but I know not everybody is comfortable at these things or can travel to London.

ETA: We have a volunteer from LJ now who is an Arabic speaker. Still, anybody know Punjabi or Welsh?



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